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Physics Department Awards

American Physical Society Fellows

Stephen Hill

Hill, Stephen [2014]

Peng Xiong

Xiong, Peng [2013]

Citation: For contributions to the understanding of magnetotransport in nanostructured superconductors, ferromagnets, and their hybrids.
Peter Hoeflich

Hoeflich, Peter [2013]

Citation: For outstanding contributions to stellar evolution, radiation hydrodynamics, and nuclear astrophysics, especially in the context of modeling the light curves and spectral evolution of supernova explosions.
Paul Cottle

Cottle, Paul [2013]

Citation: For the impact of his efforts to improve university physics education, especially for precollege teachers, and his advocacy for effective precollege science education standards and policy in Florida and nationally.
Rufina G. Alamo

Alamo, Rufina G. [2013]

Citation: For her use of well-characterized materials and performance of carefully designed experiments to address structure-property relationships in polyolefins.
Dragana Popovic

Popovic, Dragana [2013]

Citation: For experimental studies of glassy behavior in strongly correlated systems near the metal-insulator transition.
Luis Balicas

Balicas, Luis [2013]

Citation: For experimental studies of unconventional superconductors, heavy fermion materials, and frustrated magnetic systems.
Huan-Xiang Zhou

Zhou, Huan-Xiang [2010]

Citation: For pioneering contributions to theoretical and computational biophysics, in particular by developing elegant theories and methods on protein-ligand binding and the effects of intercellular environment on biophysical properties of proteins.
Vladimir Dobrosavljevic

Dobrosavljevic, Vladimir [2010]

Citation: For research on fundamental localization processes near the metal-insulator transition, particularly the interplay of strong electronic correlations, disorders, and quantum glassy dynamics.

Bernd Berg

Berg, Bernd A. [2004]

Citation: For pioneering lattice gauge theory simulations, innovative contributions to Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms and their applications to Statistical Physics.

Nominated by: Computational Physics (DCOMP)
James Brooks

Brooks, James Stephen [1999]

Citation: For experiments measuring magneto-transport properties in organic conductors.

Nominated by: Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP)
Lev Petrovich Gor'kov

Gor'kov, Lev Petrovich [1997]


Citation: For the quantum field formulation of the theory of superconductivity.

Nominated by: Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP)
Gurevich, Alexander

Gurevich, Alexander V. [2008]

Scholar/Scientist and Principal Investigator, Applied Superconductivity Center at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Citation: For significant contributions to the theory of superconductivity, particularly the effect of crystalline defects on critical currents, vortex dynamics, and upper critical fields of high-temperature superconductors and MgB2.

Nominated by: Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP)
Hagopian, Sharon Lee

Hagopian, Sharon Lee [1999]

Citation: For contributions to large collider experiments, developing and using graphical on-line displays and for searches of new states of matter linking quarks and leptons.

Nominated by: Particles and Fields (DPF)
Kirby Wayne Kemper

Kemper, Kirby Wayne [1995]

Citation: For sustained contributions, using Lithium-induced nuclear reactions and scattering, to the understanding of exotic highly excited states in light nuclei, including vector and tensor spin-dependent effects.

Nominated by: Nuclear Physics (DNP)
Efstratios Manousakis

Manousakis, Efstratios [2002]

Citation: For innovative and original computational studies in the many-body problem including development of novel algorithms to tackle the many-fermion problem with very important applications to condensed-matter physics.

Nominated by: Computational Physics (DCOMP)
Edmund Gregory Myers

Myers, Edmund Gregory [2003]

Citation: For developing innovative techniques for precision laser spectroscopy of helium-like ions and for application of atomic physics methods to nuclear physics.

Nominated by: Precision Measurement and Fundamental Constants (GPMFC)
Joseph Francis Owens, III

Owens, III, Joseph Francis [1996]

Citation: For important contributions to the phenomenology of large momentum transfer processes and the determination of parton distributions.

Nominated by: Particles and Fields (DPF)
Jorge Piekarewicz

Piekarewicz, Jorge [2005]

Citation: For seminal and sustained research on fundamental nuclear physics problems using novel computational tools, particularly on the nuclear equation of state and its impact on the physics of neutron stars.

Nominated by: Computational Physics (DCOMP)
Harrison Bertrand Prosper

Prosper, Harrison Bertrand [2002]

Citation: For leadership in developing Bayesian and other analysis techniques in particle physics, especially as applied to measurements of the mass and cross section of the top quark, and particle searches.

Nominated by: Particles and Fields (DPF))
Reina, Laura

Reina, Laura [2005]

Citation: For contributions to calculations of Higgs production at hadron colliders and rare B decays.

Nominated by: Particles and Fields (DPF)
Per Arne Rikvold

Rikvold, Per Arne [2001]

Citation: For innovative and significant computational studies in statistical and condensed-matter physics, materials science, and electrochemistry, including development of novel algorithms to study the decay of metastable phases of matter.

Nominated by: Computational Physics (DCOMP)
Riley, Mark Anthony

Riley, Mark Anthony [2000]

Citation: For his many pioneering contributions to the exploration of atomic nuclei at high angular momentum values.

Nominated by: Nuclear Physics (DNP)
Winston Roberts

Roberts, Winston [2007]

Citation: For significant contributions to hadron physics using models of QCD as well as effective field theories and phenomenological Lagrangians, for the development of polarization observables in photoproduced three-body final states, and for continued service to the nuclear science community.

Nominated by: Nuclear Physics (DNP)
Tabor, Samuel

Tabor, Samuel [2008]

Citation: For pioneering and sustained contributions to the understanding of the structure of f-p-g shell nuclei and pioneering measurements elucidating the effects of neutron excess on nuclear shell structure near N=16.

Nominated by: Nuclear Physics (DNP)
Stepan von Molnár

Von Molnár, Stephan [1983]

Citation: For contributions towards an understanding of the physical properties of rare earth compounds and alloys, in particular, his pioneering transport studies of magnetic semiconductors.
Donald Robson

Robson, Donald [1972]