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Physics Department Faculty Heavily Decorated at FSU Award Ceremony

Physics Department faculty won five awards for teaching and research at the FSU Faculty Awards Ceremony on April 9.

Jorge Piekarewicz
Mark Riley
Peng Xiong
Kun Yang

Professors Kun Yang and Peng Xiong won Developing Scholar Awards, which reward early career scholars.

Yang is a condensed matter theorist who focuses on strongly correlated electronic systems, including quantum Hall systems, unconventional superconductors, and disordered quantum magnets.

Xiong is a condensed matter experimentalist whose work involves mesoscale physics, spintronics and Organic/Solid-State Hybrid Structures. Xiong won a Sloan Fellowship in 1998.

Incoming Department Chair Mark Riley was named a Distinguished Research Professor.

Riley’s research interests include the study of exotic phenomena associated with the atomic nucleus, in particular, nuclear superfluid behavior, unusual nuclear shapes and shape co-existence, the limits of nuclear stability, and insight into the structure of the nucleus from ultra-rapid rotation. These studies are carried out using accelerators and state of the art detector systems at FSU and at national laboratories in the US and Europe. Riley also won an Undergraduate Teaching Award. He has been a leader in applying cutting-edge educational technology in large lecture classes.

Professor Jorge Piekarewicz won a Graduate Teaching Award.

Piekarewicz, a theoretical nuclear theorist whose research interests range from the structure of light nuclei to the behavior of neutron stars, was recently named Director of the Physics Department graduate program.