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FSU Physics Education/Outreach

FSU Physics In-school demonstrations

Outreach program funded by Florida State University

Contact Person: Dr. Paul Eugenio  phone icon (850) 644-2585


Every year several of our faculty go out and perform science shows in local schools. What we try and do is highlight basic physics principles in an educational and fun way while emphasizing their importance in everyday life.

If you are interested in having one of us come to your school please contact Dr. Mark Riley at (850) 644-2867.

See us in action at Chaires Elementary School in Leon County:

A Chaires student learns about electric charge in a hair-rising way!
A Chaires student learns about
electric charge in a hair-rising way!
Electromagnetic induction demo
Playing with guns: Assistant
Prof. Adam Sarty fires off a projectile
using electromagnetic induction
as amazed students look on.
Angular momentum demo
Prof. Sam Tabor looks on as a
Chaires student spins toward a
lesson about angular momentum.


A group of FSU physics faculty and staff made a big impression on students, teachers and parents at Chaires Elementary School in eastern Leon County at the school's Science Share Day on May 7. Faculty members Simon Capstick, Adam Sarty and Sam Tabor were joined by Ken Ford and Greg Mullins of the Physics Graphics Group and Adam's wife Diane for a day of "Gee-Whiz!" fun. Students saw and felt for themselves electrostatic repulsion, electromagnetic induction, the buoyancy of helium-filled balloons and conservation of angular momentum. They were also treated to the department's new multi-media presentation on physics at FSU.

Carla Houck, a teacher at Chaires, described the impact of the day's physics activities on the students: "Wow! That's what we kept hearing the students say to describe your exhibit at our recent Science Share at Chaires Elementary. Who knows what seeds of interest in science your team has planted?!"