Undergraduate Courses


Courses Offered in Spring 2017



 Course Number  Course Title  Instructor(s)  Web Page
 AST 1002  Planets/Stars/Galaxies with Lab  Riley, Murphy, Beekman, Myers, Hsiao  
 AST 4419  Extragalactic Astro  Collins  
 AST 4722  Observational Techniques in Astrophysics  Huffenberger  
 PHY 1020  Physics and Technology for Future Presidents (with Lab)  Duke, Ng, Reyes  
 PHY 1921  WIMSE Colloquium  Blessing  
 PHY 2048C  General Physics A (Studio)  Dobrosavljevic, Van Winkle  
 PHY 2048C  General Physics A with Lab  Wiedenhoever, Hill, Ng  
 PHY 2049C  General Physics B (Studio)  Cottle  
 PHY 2049C  General Physics B with Lab  Tabor, Hori, Roberts  
 PHY 2053C  College Physics A with Lab  Adams, Cao, Kolberg  
 PHY 2054C  College Physics B with Lab  Frawley, Lind, Askew, Yohay, Almaraz, Eugenio  
 PHY 2054C  College Physics B (Studio)  Capstick  
 PHY 3091  Communication in Physics  Blessing  
 PHY 3101  Modern Physics  Prosper  
 PHY 3221  Mechanics I  Hori  
 PHY 3802L  Intermediate Lab  Chiorescu  
 PHY 4324  Electricity & Magnetism II  Schlottmann  Link
 PHY 4513  Thermal & Statistical Physics  Zhou  
 PHY 4605  Quantum B  Okui  
 PHY 4822L  Advanced Lab  Chiorescu  
 PHY 4936  Rad. Processes  Hoeflich  
 PHZ 3113  Math Physics  Wahl  
 PHZ 3400  Condensed Matter Physics  Rikvold  
 PHZ 4151C  Computational Physics Lab  Eugenio  
 PHZ 4390  Particle & Nuclear  Crede  
 PHZ 4703  Biomedical Physics II  Xiong