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Physics Department Colloquium
Date: 9/18/2014    Time: 15:00
Location: 7th Floor Keen Building
Special Note: Welcome Party!
Physics Department Colloquium
Date: 10/2/2014    Time: 15:45
Location: 101 UPL (Richards Bldg)
Speaker: Moses Chan, Penn State University
Physics student earns life-changing fellowship.

Susan Blessing - Woman Physicist of the Month

Velma Gets a Face Lift

Welcome to the new, improved Physics Building... But we aren't there yet.

The HVAC will be upgraded soon, and there are even rumors of a new and wonderful courtyard with  trees, benches and trellises covered with confederate jasmine for you to walk through and have inspirational deep thoughts about quantum mechanics and electron-electron interactions.

But I am sure you are wondering... Velma?  You see him every day you come into the 1st floor lobby.  Here is the scoop:

Keen was one of the founders of the Southern Interstate Nuclear Compact in 1959, a voluntary agreement established by the 16-state Southern Governors' Conference to "provide the means for cooperation with each other in fostering the development of the region by taking full advantage of nuclear energy." On March 19, 1966, to honor his work in nuclear energy development, the James Velma Keen Physics Building was dedicated on the FSU campus. A portrait of Keen was unveiled in the building on December 8, 1967.

Going back in time, yes this is the South and there was Coca-Cola:

James Velma Keen was born in Dublin, Georgia on August 23, 1899 and moved to River Junction, Gadsden County, FL with his parents in 1902, then to Marianna, FL in 1913. His father, James Henry Keen, began the first Coca-Cola bottling plant in North Florida in River Junction in 1907, and the plant operated continuously until 1954, when it merged with the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Marianna, begun in 1913. For the Marianna operation, Keen's father organized a corporation known as Purity Bottling Works. In 1924, the Purity Bottling Works name was changed to the Marianna Coca-Cola Bottling Company. Upon James Henry Keen' death in 1942, his son, Charlton Keen, became president, secretary, and manager of this plant, and operated it until he died in 1957, when James Velma Keen became its president and director. He died in March, 1963.

Click on Velma for more.    Catch you soon - the fall semester looms! 

J. Brooks, July  24, 2014