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The Dr. James S. “Jim” Brooks Graduate Student Award in MS&E

Physics Department Colloquium
Date: 4/2/2015    Time: 15:45
Location: 101 UPL (Richards Bldg)
Speaker: C.M. Telesco
(Host: Dr. David Rubin)
Physics Department Colloquium
Date: 4/23/2015    Time: 15:45
Location: 101 UPL (Richards Bldg)
Speaker: Dr. Arthur Hebard
(Host: Dr. Peng Xiong/Mott Lec.)
Researchers join ranks of AAAS fellows.

Researchers join ranks of AAAS fellows

Dear Physics/MagLab Family Members and Friends of Jim

James Brooks           
James Brooks  
On Thursday November 6th at the usual physics colloquium time (3:00 - 4:30 PM in UPL 101) we will have a special gathering to celebrate the life of of our chair, Dr. James Brooks, who passed away on September 27th. Please let us know if you would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about Jim and perhaps share a story or two. If you have any photos of Jim, please send them to us.

Note that a memorial website where you can upload reminiscences and testimonials has been established for Jim at:, and a MagLab press release containing a small fraction of the many
responses from Brooks' friends can be found at:, along with a fabulous Show & Tell recording from 2013. Please consider contributing to these websites since they mean so much to Janet, Jim's sisters and to all of us. Janet will be in attendance at our Nov. 6th gathering.

Remembering Jim's delight in exotic foods, light hors d'oeuvres from around the world will be served. Jim loved his Physics/MagLab family and we loved him. He, of course, would want us to carry on having fun,
to continue to do great physics and to keep the sciences at FSU moving forward with maximum possible momentum. Please join  us on November 6th to celebrate the life of our beloved and brilliant colleague! 

After the refreshments we'll relocate into the lecture hall around 3:30 and have a number of short (<= 5min) statements as follows:

1. welcome, introduction (HDW)
2. eulogy Vladimir  Dobrosavljevic
3. comments, reminiscences  Greg Boebinger
4. remarks  Mark Riley
5. praise of mentor and advisor by Eden Steven
6. remarks by Ross Ellington
7. remarks by Naresh Dalal
8. .....  other comments

Hoping to see you on 6th November

In the spirit of James Brooks, it should be very informal and relaxed.

Horst, Ingo, Greg, Mark, Eva